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About the founder

Banana Jane founder Jane Garnett is a freedom lover and deep seeker. Beyond her Oxford Education and traditional Psychotherapy training she has been on a wild ride to wake up to life’s vibracy. It is her passion to share her love of life and freedom with as many people as possible; her highest fantasy is to hold up a diamond mirror to humanity so that we can each see our glory.


Trauma carries the trapped energy we need to move forwards. Our shadows carry the seeds of our liberation. Navigating the maze of personal darkness is how inner light gets made and life paths are illuminated. Using EMDR, talk therapy and providing concierge and integration for safe psychedelic experience, I facilitate trauma release and the unlearning of old narratives launching my client into a world of possibility- there for their own making.


Bringing together the salacious and the spiritual, my writing is a juicy exploration of the nature of subjectivity, the versatile nature of consciousness and the dance between victimisation and victory that operates in our psyches. My interest as an author is in re-presenting spirituality as a non-moral proposition and in re-realising the vitality and creative potential we all carry.


Working out of magical locations like The of California Desert or the Highlands of Scotland, my retreats focus on pleasure and relaxation to reconnect with heart and spirit. The groups are small, curated, and each one has a different emphasis or theme. The retreats are structured as medicine journeys- we use the shamanic principles of intention setting, and group dreaming but always make sure the spirit stays light. Given this emphasis the group work goes surprisingly deep!


Visual journeys into the galaxy of the inner world, and the miracle of consciousness – connecting us to our truest selves and wildest dreams. Each journey connects us to an archetype - a constellation in the inner landscape: the shadow, the star, the inner child, the lovers, mother nature, father time. Connecting with our felt sense of truth, we free our minds and re-member our souls’ unique purpose,.

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